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Experts in flexible security solutions for all your vital areas
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Converged Systems

S2 converged solutions tightly integrate S2 security management system software with the S2 video management system. Using only a web browser, enterprise-class S2 converged solutions deliver unified system management and administration. 

Mobile Security Management System 

S2 mobile security management products allow field security officers and other authorized users to operate and manage their S2 system from anywhere, dramatically improving their productivity, decision making, and response time.

Virtual Keypad 
  • Arming/Disarming

  • Home and Business Automation features allow users to control lights, locks, and thermostats

  • View and record video; up to six cameras

  • Manage multiple systems for a single login

  • Add, edit, and delete users from the system

  • Review system activity from the History tab

  •  View, add, edit and delete system schedules for arming/disarming, favorites, outputs and doors

  •  Lock and unlock doors, and initiate lock down to all public doors in XR150 and XR550 systems

  • 32-bit processors operate at 20 times the speed of the DMP XR500 panel; with 10/100 Ethernet auto-sensing that always ensures the fastest-possible network connection

  • Including 99 programmable schedules for areas, doors, profiles, outputs and Z-Wave® favorites. For systems equipped with Z-Wave control of lights, locks, thermostats, etc., the panel offers up to 20 favorites, which incorporate commands up to 25 Z-Wave devices each.

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Graphic Touch Keypad
  • Arm Home/Sleep/Away

  • Exit/Enter

  • All perimeter

  • Fire and panic alarms

  • Carousel navigation

  • Z-Wave functions (thermostat, lock, and lights)

  • Cancel/Verify

  • Chime

  • Weather

  • Keypad color options

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